How Raccoons Survive The Winter

raccoon feeding winter

Raccoons are mammals and that means they are warm blooded and need warmth during the winter. Raccoons don’t always hibernate and when they do they do it in bursts. They prefer to stay active and the best way to stay active in the winter is to have a heated den, and it just so happens there’s an opening. In your attic.

Raccoons come to your attic because it has easy access to food on your property that allows it to find food easily without having to go to far from its new rental unit/den. They will often feed on pet food left out and garbage which they can knock over with relative ease and then tear apart and spread across your lawn in a way that could only be described as pretty amazing, for a small animal.

It really covers the lawn with the garbage, like a C.S.I. agent unloading the contents of a car on the side walk. They also love your leftovers and licking the meat off your bbq grill. All those dinners where children left their sandwich outside, or dropped food on the ground. That is how you get raccoons. They will swarm your property for a chance to taste the various delicacies.

And don’t forget about your coy pond, raccoons have been known to fish in them as coy is one of their favourite food. So yes, raccoons can stay active all winter, as long as they have your attic to live in. So make sure to clean up your yard and call in some professionals from Raccoon Control so we can come by and attach a one way door to safely and humanely remove the raccoon from your attic, no mus no fuss.