How to Get the Raccoons Out From Under my Deck

Raccoons don’t like making their own dens. They prefer to find them. Dens that have been left by other animals like hollowed out trees or burrows. They will happily take on another animals space but their preference, especially in the city is to hang out on a home property. The property of a home is not like the property of other commercial locations. They lock their garbage and take care of their property. At home people tend to be more careless, I mean its your house right, have fun, do whatever you want. But you may find yourself face to face with a raccoon invasion if you are not careful. A lot of people love bbq and they tend to do it a lot and eat outside. Some people don’t even eat on a table and simply eat on paper plates that flop over.

People drop food all over the place and no one picks it up because it isn’t litter and it will be good for the lawn and all those things. But what it really does is attract raccoons to your property. So make sure to pick up all dropped food. Don’t feed your animals outside either because they make a serious mess and raccoons love pet food. You must, absolutely must, seal your garbage in a tight fitting container that locks and store it in your garage, this will prevent the animals from coming to your home.

Now if you have a raccoon living under your deck and you have already done all of the above and he wont leave then you will need to call a professional. At Raccoon Control our technicians can perform exclusion on your property and deck to seal the under area of your deck and then attach a one way door to allow the raccoon to leave but stops them from getting back in.