Raccoons are Great Climbers

raccoon climbing

Riverside park has been enduring some strange raccoon activity. They have had an attack of raccoons recently climbing all over a wall in the park. This is not too much of a surprise, except for the sheer number of raccoons, but raccoons are very good climbers. They are capable of scaling almost any non sheer material. They can even climb metal if it is painted by gripping the texture of the paint.

Raccoons love climbing things, trees, your house. They have even been known to scale great heights, being found on the tops of building and in strange places like electric towers. They seem to do it just for fun because many of the places they scale to don’t have food. Though they may be looking for birds nests.

If you have a raccoon scaling your house then you will need to deal with it. There are preventative measures you can take to keep raccoons off your property. They tend to come to your property for food and water. So if you cut off access to those things they are less likely to want to come to your property and will likely move on somewhere else. The key to getting rid of them is making sure your property is clean and clear. Get rid of garbage and detritus from your yard, anything a raccoon could hide in.

And maybe its time to tear down that hold shack in the back yard. You will also want to make sure to feed pets inside, pets drop food while they chew and that attracts raccoons. You can also make sure that whenever you or your children eat outside to always pick up food items dropped on the ground and to clean up the left overs right away. You should also store your garbage in a tightly sealed and locked container in the garage to prevent raccoons from accessing it.